Schools - School Teacher: Silkwood

My name is Alana Carlson and I am a Class 6 Teacher at Silkwood School on the Gold Coast. I have had the pleasure of working with Louise with two different groups of students to implement the Solving the Jigsaw Program. Louise is a kind and warm-hearted facilitator who the students respond well to.

Here at Silkwood we have a strong philosophy of inclusion and acceptance, so the aim of the Jigsaw Program, to build a culture of wellbeing rather than a culture of violence, aligns perfectly with our school vision. We also saw the potential of the program to be a powerful strategy to reduce the incidence of bullying behaviour amongst students.

This program is so unique, as it really allows the students to have an opportunity to talk about their concerns about home life, friendships and school, in a safe and supportive environment. They learn about a series of different topics that help to develop their self esteem, confidence and defence against those using violence to gain power over others, and they find their voice. As a teacher, you hear students open up about things they would never normally get the opportunity to talk to you about, and this can give you a greater understanding of their behaviours and the work they are producing outside of the Jigsaw classroom.

I can highly recommend Louise and the Solving the Jigsaw program, as we have seen far reaching benefits for our students.

Yours sincerely,

Alana Carlson Class 6 Teacher

Schools - Learning Support Manager: Silkwood

Silkwood was very lucky to be approached about trialling the Jigsaw Program. From the initial inquiry stage to the end of the year I have been hugely impressed with the skill, professionalism, kindness and compassion Louise the facilitator has shown… The classes she works with have responded very positively to her warm, gentle approach and she has delicately guided the class along the course of activities, some of which have been quite thought provoking and emotionally challenging. Their total engagement in the activities proved this.

Louise has very good interpersonal skills and has liaised with the teaching staff brilliantly and even when faced with sudden time changes, has professionally and delicately responded. She has developed strong working relationships with the teachers of the two classes she works with, and with other staff members involved. Her warm, friendly personality has made it easy for us to relate to her.

Louise has expertly guided the school through the jigsaw program and feedback from both staff & students has been highly positive. We thank Louise for her expert facilitation.

Tracy Willcocks, Former Learning Support Manager, Silkwood School

Schools - The Department of Juvenile Justice

RECOMMENDATION OF WORKPLACE WISDOM™ , A course for Sunning Hill Education & Training Centre. Workplace Wisdom™ was specially designed to meet the needs of students at Sunning Hill Education and Training Centre (ETC).

Sunning Hill ETC is located inside Yasmar Juvenile Justice Centre (JJC) and is the only juvenile justice facility that caters specifically for the needs of young female offenders in New South Wales.

Workplace Wisdom™ was part of a School to Work program initiative which incorporated a Retail Certificate 1 Curriculum Framework Course, a café Barista certificate as an onsite work placement and completion of School to Work Employment Related Skills Log Book. The Course has been successfully running from May, 2001 until August, 2002 and has achieved the following outcomes:

Students are able to:

· gain employability skills which provides the knowledge and understanding of employment expectations;

· gain the knowledge and skills necessary for personal presentation and development;

· increase their level of self-esteem and confidence;

· gain the skills to apply their own make-up, style their own hair and compile a suitable work wardrobe tailored to meet their individual needs.

Workplace Wisdom™ was a very necessary component of the whole School to Work program and has proven to be extremely successful due largely to the excellent presentation of the course by Ms Louise Thompson.

Yours sincerely, Principal


Business - Ronda Russell, Artistic Director, Navarna Hair Excellence

Louise is highly informative and has a wide knowledge of the retail, merchandising and marketing worlds. I feel very confident in her ability and knowledge to create whatever format is necessary in business.

Business - Pay Solutions

We have recently started to use Louise’s services to assist us with the growth of our business after the company came highly recommended to us.

We have been impressed with Louise’s willingness to listen, understand our needs and her genuine interest in assisting our business to grow. Louise has taken a long term view with us, and this ‘investment’ in forging longer-term, mutually beneficial relationships, is unfortunately lacking nowadays.

As a result of the quality of service that we have experienced to date, her professional approach, her willingness to listen and understand our business, and her genuine interest in assisting our business grow, we can highly recommend the services of


Community - Georgia, Sydney, NSW

My name is Georgia. I made the decision to see Louise for a number of reasons. As a person I feel that I have had a very good childhood and beginnings of a successful career, but along the way a few personality traits had emerged quite dominantly that weren’t to my liking. The following are in no order of importance as they are all important to me; however some have been around longer than others.

Firstly, Organisation. Even being successful in my Veterinary career and passing exams I have never mastered the art of doing it now. I have always left it to the last minute, upping the stress levels and motivation. My logical mind however felt I could achieve the same goal but with less drama if I was able to organise my time more efficiently.

Secondly, Dope Smoking. I have sadly always been of the smoking mentality having smoked cigarettes for years. Over the last 6 years marijuana has also become a strong regular prop. I enjoy the feeling of being stoned as I get a sense of relaxation and peace. The reality of life however is that it is unhealthy and has negative effects on the health of my brain and mind. I do however like being able to do what I want so a compromise was required. I knew in my soul that I had lost control of the situation and it was time to sort this problem out.

Thirdly, Specialist career. This has been a long haul through vet school and now onto specialist training. Circumstances will most likely lead me overseas and away from home again which is beginning to be more of a tug the older I get. However, the desire is strong but a motivation kick was required. Finally, Emotional Control. I have long been a chatter and a person eager to say their point. I have become aware of some terrible tantrum type behaviours when my cage is rattled. To be able to stem the ride of anger before it rolled out of control was a tool I was hoping to find from these sessions.

I was marginally sceptical in beginning these sessions as I was never going to accept “this experience in you childhood is to blame theory” for some of these issues. For me to take private issues to someone would always require a personal connection with that person and the belief that they viewed reality and life in similar planes. I never got the feeling with Louise that we were trying to find a reason for the behaviours on a physical level. Once felt physically the identification with that ‘state’ enabled one to visualise that state mentally aiding the transformation into that state physically. My calm ‘Bob’ state has served me well and been a surprisingly powerful tool in modifying my reactions in tense situations.

I have defined the specialist goal and have sent applications to America for surgical residency positions. I still however left this to the last minute but were slightly more organised in the process. Having fun making lots of lists and pretty planners and definite improvements but a long way to go.

The dope smoking has been successful. Have had some bad days but overall have stuck to the small goals that are set on a weekly basis. I understand more the control the brain has and how ultimately the mind controls the brain. With this in mind the strength of will power has been strong. These sessions have stimulated some serious introspective thought and helped to sort out the frantic jumble that had taken over my mind.

Finally I would like to sincerely thank Louise for guiding me but ultimately letting me take the journey myself in my own way. Her beautiful person and manner was always inspirational and the genuine connection I felt was strong.

Community - Shellie, Gold Coast, QLD

“WOW” What a life changing experience! A very powerful process that helps you to control your thoughts and give you tools to be able to assist you when you find yourself in a negative place and you need help to get to a positive place. Louise and I have been friends for many years. We went our own way for sometime and then found our way back to each other here on the Gold Coast. Louise is somebody who is a great credit to herself with what she does professionally and personally. She has definitely made a significant change to the way I think and to the way I handle situations and peoples behaviour. I feel very privileged to have her as one of my close friends and to have worked with her on a professional level also. If you need help to get back on track mentally, Louise is the girl for you.

Community - Diana, Trainer - Real Estate Institute of NSW

I had the pleasure and good fortune of meeting Louise Thompson almost 7 years ago. I say good fortune because at the time I thought I was simply giving up 2 Saturdays, to learn more about hair; what I could do with it and how I could manage it. However, I benefited in so many more ways. Not only did I learn more about hair and presentation than I had ever known, I was also given the confidence to go for a complete change in style. On that day, I received the best hairstyle I had ever had and have never looked back. (I must say the constant compliments I received were very welcome!) I had gone from a very old-fashioned perm to a modern, slick, complimentary and easy to manage short style. Through Louise’s other services and skills I feel as though I’ve acquired so much more. There have been continued courses and workshops on all aspects of hair, make-up, the broader aspects of presentation, confidence and personal development. That first step in taking what I felt was a simple hair workshop, has continued to assist me to grow on a much greater level than I could ever have imagined on both a personal and professional level.”

Community - Susan, Engineer

As a young engineer, I did not wear make up and got away with it. However, after reflecting on what I could learn from a previous job, I decided to improve my communication skills. To my surprise, I found out that by far the major component of communication is visual, not verbal. As a result, I took up Louise’s course in Hair Help. I also did her courses in Make-up and Fashion.

The result of this journey was all but measurable. A former boss of mine sought me for a new position with a new organisation. Prior to meeting the interview panel my former boss and I had discussed my pay rates over the phone. He had not seen me since I had done the work on hair, make-up and fashion. He thought that I would be unlikely to get the pay rate I was seeking since the new organisation was known to be tight with money.

However, I went to the interview with correct clothes and make up. This set a scene of real respect for my work and myself. As to my pay rate, the interview panel was more than happy to grant me the amount that I sought.

Community - Personal Assistant, KPMG

Going to see Louise for a make-over is more than just that! It’s an experience… Louise creates a warm, friendly and fun atmosphere where you can settle back and be wowed by her creativity, energy and flair.

I have been going to see Louise for hair transformations and make-overs for about 3 years now and have always come out looking and feeling like a new woman EVERY time!

I know I can trust Louise to create a new look that will actually suit me and she always offers lots of practical suggestions so I can keep recreating the look long after I have left the studio!

I would highly recommend Louise for her many talents including the training she provides transforming you into what you really want to be, the skills to recreate the look at home from the hands on practice you experience when you do her courses in hair, make-up, skin care and fashion and her NLP Life Coaching Skills.