Transforming workplace culture, business practices and raising corporate consciousness.


Training and Development

Learn how to develop employees to be your greatest asset! With over 30 years experience we have created and facilitated courses, seminars and workshops tailored to meet the needs of individuals and their organisations with wide and varied audiences and outcomes. Suitable for: retail, sales, marketing and promotions, motivation, communication, professional presentation, training and development across most industries.

Louise authored and gained government accreditation for her multi award winning personal development course that was the 1st of its kind in Australia, has written several programs and workshops for private providers, community colleges, the Department of Juvenile Justice, state, independent and private schools and several multi-national companies. In addition to writing and creating training manuals and support materials, Louise has created events and industry expos, sponsored and wrote the advertising material to be distributed at the No2Bullying Annual Conference and the Generation Next Seminar – The Mental Health & Wellbeing of Youth and continues to make updates to social media sites.

To tailor a program to meet your workplace needs please contact Louise.

Solving The Jigsaw – Changing workplace culture

Solving The Jigsaw is a multi-award winning program that has been proven to have profoundly significant short and long term benefits, not only for the students, it is inclusive of all staff and leadership teams throughout the working world. The workplace can be a volatile mix of difference. So many different personalities sharing the same space daily, all trying to get along as well as get the job done. Conflicting ideas and personalities can compromise workplace harmony. The impact it can have on your business can be detrimental, from absenteeism due to workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination, legal issues, not to mention the affects it can have on your reputation and bottom line. As most of the generations that now populate the workplace arrived before Solving The Jigsaw was created, they sadly missed out on these learnings and the evolution of communication. However we can deliver the program in a ‘workplace and age appropriate’ format to assist changing workplace culture. To tailor a program to meet your workplace needs please contact Louise.


Careers Advisor – For professionals, job seekers and early school leavers

With over 25years experience as a nationally accredited trainer, author, guest speaker and presenter at, schools, career expos and trade exhibitions, we provide career advice to professionals, those entering/re-entering the workplace and job seekers looking for a new direction.

Q: Have you ever heard the saying… ‘Choose your direction or someone else will!’?

Although a well coined phrase it does ring true for many and sometimes it’s easier said than done when it comes to choosing a career path. There are so many choices to the point of it being overwhelming for some, however there is a way through the maze of choices. Something that may assist you is knowing how to align your natural abilities, skills and interests to a job. A quick and easy way to find out is to take a free Personal Profile Survey and discover what industries your skills are compatible with @ It only takes about 20 minutes then after you complete the survey you can click on the mini report and print it out or save it for future reference.

If you would like to talk about your findings in your report or your career direction then feel free to contact Louise on 0418 489 479 or email

Through 1 on 1 interactive consultation or small group training, you’ll discover a career path to suit you!