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Program Introduction – Solving The Jigsaw for Students and Parents

Building Resilience in the Face of Bullying and Violence can be challenging to say the least! This 10 week program is for students and families recovering from, and/or dealing with, their child’s experience of bullying.

Solving the Jigsaw for Students and Parents consists of weekly activities where the children learn about a number of topics that impact on young people’s lives today. Topics include: resilience, violence and bullying, strengths and qualities, beliefs and values, trust and support systems, conflict resolution, speaking up and staying safe, feelings and emotions, families, self-awareness and warning signals and solving the jigsaw of wellbeing.

The program has been tailored specifically to act as an early intervention and recovery program for children who are experiencing these issues, or might be confronted by them. The students are all in the age groups between upper primary and lower secondary school years in which early intervention and prevention programs have significant short and long term benefits.

During the 10 weeks we will address the building blocks of resilience and optimism, relationships, strategies and support, and developing a sense of belonging. 10 of the Solving the Jigsaw sessions that specifically relate have been incorporated into the program to engage participants in a variety of ways and provide strategies, while addressing key concepts of the program.

How? Each week the group format brings all parties together so that all children have a voice. This means that not only children who are victimised or have experienced bullying are heard, but the important voice of bystanders such as parents/carers and/or other siblings are included in the conversation during various sessions. A key point of difference with the program is that we will include families in the recovery process.

The program content has been carefully adapted, in consultation with the creators of the original Solving the Jigsaw program, which is the full 20week early intervention, violence prevention program developed by the Centre for Non Violence run through multiple year levels within primary and secondary schools.

Now in it’s 3rd year on the Gold Coast we have identified a need for alternative supports to be available within the community to ensure students and their families who are unable to access recovery programs through their schools and local agencies are gaining access to the support they need.

The facilitator plays a vital role throughout each session of the program. They set and maintain boundaries, guide the group through choices, reinforcing a clear stance against bullying and violence, and help the group explore a range of options. They ensure that every child is listened to and is able to explore his or her concerns.

Outcomes - Explore ideas and support strategies, learn problem solving skills and communication techniques. As a result gain confidence and certainty about what is important in relationships, such as communication, the ability to deal with conflict, speaking up and staying safe and the importance of love and respect for self and others.

Students learn to feel safe and to develop trust. They learn to deal with their problems, and how to talk about their lives, their feelings and what matters to them.

Parents/carers increase awareness of the effects of bullying and violence on children, strengthen the relationship between student and caregiver, and develop a positive outlook.

Jigsaw bridges the worlds of home and school, promoting the belief that a child’s self-esteem and Wellbeing is raised when they feel safe, valued and connected. It strengthens their resilience and encourages them to make positive choices about their future. Jigsaw gives children not only a voice, but also a place in which they can feel comfortable talking, reflecting and considering their lives. This is how kids, with a little guidance, can solve the jigsaw called life!

When and where? The program runs for 10 consecutive Monday evenings from 6pm to 7.30pm, commencing 23rd January 2017 at the Mudgeeraba Library – Room 1, 57A Railway St, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast, QLD.

The program is strictly limited to ten families and is suitable for students in year levels from upper primary to lower secondary school students and their accompanying parent/carer.

To reserve your place in the program bookings are essential. Payment options and Family Concessions are available to ensure we can provide you with a cost effective support program. For all program enquiries, enrolment forms/fees and/or a confidential conversation please contact Nationally Accredited Solving the Jigsaw facilitator, Louise Thompson : 0418 489 479.

Online bookings are managed by Eventbrite so please log on to or click on the link below

* Transformme Donates a sponsored placement for a child or family going through hardship. To nominate a child or family please contact Louise for a confidential conversation.

* Program Profits are Donated to Sanctuary Refuge for Woman and Children, recently opened to support woman and children escaping domestic violence and homelessness on the Gold Coast.

Please contact Louise here for more details.

We look forward to meeting you soon and together making the Gold Coast the safest place to raise a child!


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